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Illustration by NASA, Public DomainAlthough the Supermoon can be seen several times a year, only one of those is usually the most “super” – in other words, the largest and closest of them all. As the Moon rotates in its elliptical orbit around Earth, there are two points that astronomers marked with names. If you want to find out the current moon phase, take a look at this page, courtesy of, where you can find out what phase the moon is currently in. You can also calculate what it will be by picking the date from the bottom of the page. Other apps can do this as well, which we will go over later in this article. It is important to point out that your location while observing the Moon from Earth is very important.

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Once you understand these basics, it will be very easy for you to tell how soon a Full Moon is to be expected! For example, if I’m in the Northern Hemisphere, and I see a Crescent Moon illuminated on the right, I know that I’m about 10 days away from the Full Moon.

Point-and-shoot cameras may be less common these days, in part thanks to smartphones, but there are still some worthy reasons to invest in these pocketable cameras. For starters, even though smartphone cameras have become quite impressive, the sensors in compact cameras are still larger.

As I mentioned in my hyperfocal distance article, all you need to do is find the distance to the closest object in your photograph. If you want more depth of field than that, I strongly recommend focus stacking. Next time you gather folks for a group shot, don’t be afraid to get creative. Play with different angles, experiment with poses, and let everyone’s personality shine through. Pay attention to your settings and the arrangement of the group, but encourage laughter, embrace the unexpected, and capture a few of those wonderful candid interactions.


As part of the processing, the image-bearing layer was stripped from the paper and transferred to a hardened gelatin support. The first transparent plastic roll film followed in 1889. It was made from highly flammable nitrocellulose known as nitrate film. The birth of photography was then concerned with inventing means to capture and keep the image produced by the camera obscura. The trick it to get a decent distance from your target, building windmill, etc., with that long lens you have. I personally think a mile to a mile and a half is the sweet spot where you end up with a nice large moon, but not overly large. An app like Photo Pills is great for figuring out where to be to have both the moon and your foreground object in the same frame.

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The Moon looks very different across its phases, casting deeper shadows on the surface and making different parts of the Moon appear more prominent. A full Moon is quite popular among photographers, but as I demonstrate further down in this article, it is not always an ideal phase to photograph due to its “flat” appearance. Because of this reddish color, many refer to Lunar Eclipses as the “Blood Moon” or “Blood-Red Moon.” You can read our full article on photographing the lunar eclipse here. Karl Hab, born in 1990 and currently residing in Paris, is a well-established photographer who also holds a certification as an aeronautics engineer. When he’s not on the move, Hab’s passions for aviation, design, art, and fashion come to the forefront. His frequent travel allows him to immerse himself in international fashion and street culture, which serve as inspiration for his personal projects.

Transparent prints of the images could be projected through similar color filters and superimposed on the projection screen, an additive method of color reproduction. Earliest known surviving heliographic engraving, 1825, printed from a metal plate made by Nicéphore Niépce.

This also happens because of a phenomenon called “Moon Illusion“, where the Moon appears bigger to your eyes, when in fact it is not. Keep in mind that the Moon photo will look nothing like the pictures you see in this article. That’s because even with a telephoto lens and high zoom ratio, you will end up with a Moon that looks quite small. However, if you attempt to capture the Moon at night with that wide-angle lens, you will end up with a small white blob. That’s because the camera will meter off your whole scene and the Moon is just way too small of a subject. In such cases, it might be best to skip trying to include the Moon in your shot.

Depending on the overall idea for the session, I typically recommend my clients to choose one classic and one casual attire. I ask my clients to wear the classic clothing at the beginning of the session.

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